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50+ Hilarious the Office Wifi Names

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Do you have a new router? Looking for clever wifi names based on your favorite, classic TV show.

Here is a complete list of over 50 WiFi names based on the popular show “The Office” guaranteed to make you laugh!

Wifi and broadband router on white table in room at the home.

These names include the best jokes and comments with anyone from Micheal Scott’s crazy antics to Kevin Malone’s whacky comments. Not to mention Jim Halpert and Dwight Shrutes pranking.

These are sure to make you want to watch every season! Enjoy!

  • The big tuna
  • Threat Level Midnight
  • The Schrute internet
  • The dundies connection
  • Wi-fired guy
  • Prince Family Paper guest
  • Pizza by Alfredo
  • Ryan started the WFi
  • Check out the WiFi from Philly
  • Someone took the slow internet
  • The wifi doggy
  • Nard dog
  • Shut up Toby
  • Vance refrigeration
  • Did I stutter internet
  • Booze cruisers
  • The Einsteins
  • Be my wifi you will
  • Scott’s Tots
  • www. creed thoughts
  • No password needed
  • Moon face internet
  • If I don’t get WiFi ill die
  • That’s what she said
  • Its WiFi day
  • Annex WiFi space
  • Don’t hack the office WiFi
  • Micheal Scotch fans
  • Dunder Mifflin
  • Pretzel day
  • The office WiFi
  • The real Scranton strangler
  • You and the WiFi are close huh
  • The real WiFi strangler
  • You could be hot too
  • This is from the sun
  • Nard man
  • Save Bandit
  • Little kid lover
  • Shurtenet
  • WiFi theft is not a joke
  • WiFi Shrute
  • When two animals have WiFi
  • Stuck with the weirdo
  • You were gone for three months
  • You took me by the hand
  • Lack of dinner party WiFi
  • Were going bankrupt you think
  • Smoking is gonna save lives
  • What is the procedure, everybody
  • The big WiFi
Housewife Setting Wi-fi Router

Well, I think I’m about to rewatch this hilarious show again. These names can be combined, switched up, and even added together, hope these have inspired and helped you come up with a new name for your router, sure to impress your neighbors, enjoy!

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