70+ Stellar Star Trek Wifi Names

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Do you have a new router, new SSID? Big fan of Star Trek, this is a complete list of over 70 wifi and router names, picked with factors including, humor, and fun. Hope these are inspiring and helps you picks a new name!

star trek

Star trek names

  • Ping me up
  • Without linking, evil can not spread
  • It’s the final limit
  • Wifis time up
  • Internet warp speed
  • Buried alive
  • Internet knows nothing
  • Encounter at wifi-point
  • The drumhead of wifi
  • The ultimate computer
  • Balance of the internet terror
  • Space LANseed
  • A taste of Armageddon
  • Return to the site tomorrow
  • Live long and prosper using wifi
  • It’s the final limit
  • Wifis time up
  • The password is given
  • Right out of hell, I saw it
  • Lets wifi what’s out there
  • Don’t call me-free wifi
  • This isn’t wifi reality this is fantasy
  • Engage in typing
  • The Tholian web
  • The drumhead of wifi
  • I am not a merry man
  • Computers make excellent servers
  • Errand of mercy
  • Most promising wifi species
  • Encounter at wifi-point
  • Shut up-Wesley
  • There are four router lights
  • Wifi with just words
  • Simple and logical wifi
  • What is it like to lose
  • Invading in the net
  • Let them eat internet static
  • The resistance of wifi is futile
  • The Picard maneuver
  • Vulcans only
  • Transport room 101
  • The Rikers beards
  • The house of gore
  • The four ultimate
  • Data runners wifi
  • The obsidians are here
  • The signal defector
  • The anti-time group
  •  Subspace messages
  • Report to sickbay
  • Stem bolts away
  • Impulse power wifi network
  • The USS voyager network
  • Here lies Captain Kirk
  • No man has hacked us
  • This is not the end of wifi
  • The only wifi with compassion
  • High council approved network
  • Nova Squadron Wiig
  • Tribler network
  • Promenaders network
  • Khaaannnnnn!
  • Don’t forget where you parked
  • Invading in the net, lies
  • Dammit, Jim
  • Stop it? Im counting on it
  • With the first link, the chain is forged
  • Return to the site tomorrow
  • Most promising swift species
  • Highly illogical to use free wifi
  • Inviting danger are we?
  • Insufficient wifi facts invite danger
  • Live long and prosper using free wifi
  • I will always be your internet friend
  • Have some training for the free voyage
  • Time is up
  • I changed the internet connection, fooled?
wifi and laptop

Don’t hesitate to use these names, fuse them together or even use more than one. Personally, I am thinking of using more than half of these, I just can’t decide! Hope this has helped and inspired you, it sure has for me. Thank you for reading!


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