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What Do You Call a Woman Cave? 45 Awesome Options

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Have a new shed, extra room? Even a basement all to yourself. Forget the basic man cave and make it a women’s cave.

woman weaving macramé in a home workshop

Here is a list of over 30 names sure to empower you and brighten your day.

These names are designed to make inspire you to be the best version of yourself well in a space just for you and maybe some friends. Enjoy!

Names for your Women Cave

young woman painting in her studio
  • Babe cave
  • Princess getaway
  • Femme den
  • Girl grotto
  • Ma’am cave
  • Cougar cave
  • Diva den
  • Karma cabin
  • Wine haven
  • Women’s den
  • Nesting place
  • Rejuvenation station
  • The nook
  • Girls/women’s club
  • Ladies lounge

Names for your She-Shed

Interior view of soaking tub in she-shed
  • Shed sweet shed
  • Backyard barn
  • Love shack baby
  • Hippie hut
  • Wood gone wild
  • Girls gone wild
  • Because you’re worth it
  • Pink is not for the week
  • Pro-women shack
  • Women only sanctuary
  • Stay hungry
  • The band of gray hairs start here
  • Life’s too short
  • Wine time
  • The fearless leader shack

Names for your Lady Lair

young lady in comfortable room at home
  • Save the babe
  • Cave of wonders
  • Bravery in the depths
  • The escape from reality
  • Lair of immortality
  • Lurking in my destiny
  • Deceiving my nightmares
  • Prepare for greatness
  • Battle of my thoughts
  • Welcome to the jungle
  • Escape to wonderland
  • Enhancing the power
  • Admiration of my strength
  • Challenging my humor
  • Escape my future
woman relaxing at the balcony

Wow, I sure am feeling stronger than ever. These names are sure to empower you and bring you to your feminine roots. Hope you are inspired and can make that extra space a sanctuary just for you!

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Wednesday 28th of September 2022

I got second hand embarrassment from how cringe most of these suggestions are.


Wednesday 12th of January 2022

I'm designing my escape room right now and there are some awesome names here!!