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What Do You Call a Woman Cave? 45 Awesome Options

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Have a new shed, extra room? Even a basement all to yourself. Forget the basic man cave and make it a women’s cave.

woman weaving macramé in a home workshop

Here is a list of over 30 names sure to empower you and brighten your day.

These names are designed to make inspire you to be the best version of yourself well in a space just for you and maybe some friends. Enjoy!

Names for your Women Cave

young woman painting in her studio
  • Babe cave
  • Princess getaway
  • Femme den
  • Girl grotto
  • Ma’am cave
  • Cougar cave
  • Diva den
  • Karma cabin
  • Wine haven
  • Women’s den
  • Nesting place
  • Rejuvenation station
  • The nook
  • Girls/women’s club
  • Ladies lounge

Names for your She-Shed

Interior view of soaking tub in she-shed
  • Shed sweet shed
  • Backyard barn
  • Love shack baby
  • Hippie hut
  • Wood gone wild
  • Girls gone wild
  • Because you’re worth it
  • Pink is not for the week
  • Pro-women shack
  • Women only sanctuary
  • Stay hungry
  • The band of gray hairs start here
  • Life’s too short
  • Wine time
  • The fearless leader shack

Names for your Lady Lair

young lady in comfortable room at home
  • Save the babe
  • Cave of wonders
  • Bravery in the depths
  • The escape from reality
  • Lair of immortality
  • Lurking in my destiny
  • Deceiving my nightmares
  • Prepare for greatness
  • Battle of my thoughts
  • Welcome to the jungle
  • Escape to wonderland
  • Enhancing the power
  • Admiration of my strength
  • Challenging my humor
  • Escape my future
woman relaxing at the balcony

Wow, I sure am feeling stronger than ever. These names are sure to empower you and bring you to your feminine roots. Hope you are inspired and can make that extra space a sanctuary just for you!

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Wednesday 12th of January 2022

I'm designing my escape room right now and there are some awesome names here!!