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7 Facts About Cool Roofs

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If you’re looking for a way to get more years and better performance out of your roof, then you should take a look at cool roofing technology. This is a modern roofing solution that can help you extend the lifespan of your roof and do things like reducing repairs and your utility bills.

One of the biggest problems roofs face these days is the sun. Your roof is reflecting and absorbing UV rays all day while the sun is out. It heats up your home and erodes your roof faster than it should.

With cool roofing, you can fight the effects of the sun and avoid having to replace your roof before you want to.

Whether you’re interested in installing a cool roofing solution by yourself or hire someone to do it, first you should understand if it’s for you.

Here are 7 facts about cool roofing as well as some other information to help you decide if it’s what you need.

white roofs aka cool roofs

What Is a Cool Roof?

Cool roofing technology is designed to reflect more of the sun’s rays rather than absorb them. Your roof, though you may not know it, gets extremely hot as it sits under the sun all day.

Thankfully, most homes come with insulation that stops a lot of that heat from getting through, but if you’ve ever been in your attic in the middle of a summer day, you know how intense the heat can be.

With cool roofs, your roof stops absorbing all of that heat and instead bounces it off of your home. Your attic doesn’t get as hot, and you don’t have to spend as much money keeping temperatures inside cool.

Cool roofs come in different forms. You can paint on a reflective coating, roll out a sheet covering on your roof, or pay a bit of a premium for reflective tiles or shingles.

Is a Cool Roof Worth It?

The answer to this question, as you may expect, depends. It depends on things like how long you want or expect to live in your home. What your budget is, the climate you live in, and other factors.

If you’re somewhere that doesn’t get all that hot, then reflecting the heat from the sun isn’t a priority. You may WANT the sun to heat up your home.

Your roof should be your first priority. No cool roof is going to fix problems you are having with an old, leaky roof with poor insulation.

If this is your long-term home, though, and you want to protect your roof and get all of the other benefits of cool roofs, then go for it.

How Much Does a Cool Roof Cost?

Most roofing companies will quote and charge you based on the square footage of your roof. Large roofs, obviously, will cost more to install a cool roof. You’re looking at generally anywhere from $0.75 to $3.00 per square foot depending on the area you live in and what sort of materials are used.

One thing you can do is measure the cost of the roof against what you expect to save on roof repairs and lower utility costs. If you play it out over the long term, you can find your break-even point so you know how long it will take for you to recoup your costs. As with most investments in your home, it will pay off with time.

spraying paint on metal sheet roof

7 Facts About Cool Roofs!

They cut down your electric bill – If you live somewhere that gets hot in the summer, you’ll love having a cool roof. It will keep you cooler without pumping as much cold air through your AC. Not only is it going to protect your roof, but it could also help you get more years out of your HVAC system.

They are durable – Cool roofs last for years and will keep your roof looking good and doing its job. With the upfront investment, you’ll likely see long-term savings when it comes to your housing maintenance costs.

They are eco-friendly – Cool roofing tiles, sheets, and coatings are often made from recycled materials that keep more trash out of landfills and the ocean. You can rest easy knowing your cool roof is doing its part when it comes to sustainability.

They prevent power outages When things get hot, people turn up the AC. If too many people do that at once, the electricity system is under stress. If things go too far, neighborhoods can experience power loss via brownouts. Cool roofs keep temperatures down to better ensure you always have a steady supply of electricity.

They look good – Cool roof tiles are modern and generally high-quality. They’ll give your roof a new look that will last and add to your home’s curb appeal.

They prevent fading – If you’ve ever seen an old roof, you know how badly the sun can fade even the darkest tiles after years of exposure. Cool roofs reflect all of that light and keep their original color much better than non-reflective tiles or coatings.

They lower maintenance costs – When your roof is protected, cracks, holes, and leaks are much less likely. Cool roofs will help you avoid calling for emergency roof repair in the middle of the night and will keep you from having to spend money on upkeep.

Disadvantages of Cool Roofs

There isn’t much to say about cool roofs when it comes to disadvantages.

One thing people notice is that, because cool roofs are so reflective, there is a glare that comes off of the roof and can be distracting.

What you have to ask yourself is whether that’s a price you want to pay to enjoy all of the benefits a cool roof provides. Most homeowners and commercial property owners quickly become fans of cool roofing once they notice that their utility bills have decreased by as much as a quarter.

Again, if it’s your long-term home and you are trying to manage costs, cool roofing will get you there and stay working for years to come.


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