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Should You Do Drywall Yourself? How to Decide?

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Installing drywall is a simple task which many homeowners opt to take on themselves. There are professionals that can hang drywall, so you have options. When it comes right down to it, how do you decide whether or not to take on the project yourself or call in the pros?

There are a few factors to consider when figuring out if you should hang drywall yourself. These include time, money, mess, final outcome, difficulty, and if there are special circumstances concerning the project.

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We will address all of these concerns in this article to help you decide which course of action is most appropriate for your situation. Sometimes all you need for a DIY project is a little self confidence and the proper motivation. Other times, you need to accept that hiring someone else to do the job is the best way to go.

Is It Cheaper to Install Drywall Yourself?

When it comes to the financial component of hanging drywall, most of the time it is cheaper to do it yourself rather than hire a professional crew. You would still be paying the same amount in materials and as long as you have basic tools such as a screw gun, utility knife, tape measure, and sandpaper, you shouldn’t need to buy tools.

Sometimes you will need a drywall saw if there are pieces that need to be cut to size, but those usually cost less than $10.

You will need help hanging the drywall, however, because the sheets are extremely heavy. You can either rent equipment to help lift or, for the cost of pizza, ask a few friends to help.

Alternatively, a team of professional drywall hangers usually charges around $25 per hour, and you would need a team of at least three people.

If you think you can hang drywall for cheaper than $75 per hour, it may be worth the savings to try your own hand at it.

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Is It Easy to Hang Drywall?

Depending on how well you prepare, drywall doesn’t have to be difficult. Make sure to follow the guidelines for hanging drywall set out by professionals or talk to a home improvement associate about the best way to hang it.

There are some simple tips that you should remember to help make your DIY drywall experience simple.

Always measure out the area you need to drywall and cut the boards ahead of time. Don’t forget to factor in electrical outlets and other objects that will need to have cutouts in the drywall.

When you hang drywall, save your back and ask some friends to help lift the sheets. Start by fastening the upper sheets first, then you can lever in the bottom sheets.

Of course, hiring a professional crew means that you don’t have to do any of the work yourself aside from prepping the area for them to be able to work.

If you have the ability and patience to pay attention to the details, you should have no problem handling the drywall project yourself.

Is It Worth the Mess to Hang Drywall Yourself?

One of the major downsides to a drywall project is all the dust that is created and that can linger long after the project is complete.

If you don’t do a thorough job of cleaning up afterward, you can be inhaling drywall dust for months which isn’t exactly great for your respiratory system.

If you can keep the mess to a minimum and don’t need to do a lot of cutting, you may not have to worry about a super messy drywall project. Having a shop vacuum to clean up with is also a necessity as a regular vacuum will not have enough power to sufficiently suck up all the drywall bits and pieces.

If you’re not looking forward to cleaning up the mess, especially if you’ve never drywalled before, then hiring a professional crew may be the better option.

Drywall crews are experienced, know how to keep the mess to a minimum and provide excellent cleanup afterward.

Can You Make Drywall Look As Good As the Professionals?

If you are meticulous about details and follow the advice and learn from the mistakes of those who have drywalled before, there is no reason why your work shouldn’t look as good as the pros.

However, there is always the factor of experience. You are more likely to mess up or make things a little messier than the professionals.

If you want a top quality result, hiring a professional crew will definitely help you achieve it.

If you will have other drywall projects in the future, you can always observe the professional crew and ask questions about their work. That way you know what areas to focus on for your next project to make your DIY drywall project look as good as if you had hired a crew.

How Long Does It Take to Do Drywall?

While drywalling is simple, it is also hard work. If you’re not used to the heavy lifting and the constant mental workout of making sure everything measures out correctly, drywalling can take you longer to accomplish than it would take a professional crew.

On average, a room that would take a professional drywall crew a few hours may take you days to complete.

If you have the time to spend and want to learn the proper technique, there is no reason why time should stop you from installing your own drywall.

However, if it is a job that has a deadline or your own schedule is simply too full, hiring a professional crew would be the best course of action.

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Are There Extenuating Circumstances for Hanging Your Drywall?

The last question to ask yourself when considering whether or not to hang your own drywall is whether your project has extenuating circumstances.

For example, if you need to replace drywall because of mold, it may be better to hire a professional crew. They most likely have experience dealing with similar situations and know the proper precautions to take.

Similarly, if you have a drywall project that involves working around a lot of plumbing and electrical lines, it may be safer – and cheaper, in the long run – to let a professional drywall crew take care of it.


If you have an upcoming drywall project, you may be debating whether or not to tackle it yourself. There are a few variables to consider, some of which favor the DIY approach and others that might make you lean toward hiring a professional crew.

If you are looking to save money and willing to take the time to learn how to properly install the drywall and pay attention to detail, there is no reason why shouldn’t be able to do it yourself.

If you find yourself in a time crunch, are worried about the mess, or need to address specialized issues like mold, it may be in your favor to hire a crew.

Drywall is not a hard project to tackle but it can take time if you’re an amateur and you definitely need to recruit help because there is heavy lifting involved. Whichever path you choose, make sure you do your homework to guarantee the best result!


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