Guide to Acetylene Tank Sizes

The cylinders must be stored upright with valve caps on. Smaller cylinders may not have protective caps.

Acetylene tanks come in up to 10 sizes. Size 5 acetylene tank is the tallest.

What Sizes Do Acetylene Tanks Come In?

The Size 3 acetylene tank has a maximum gas capacity of 75 cubic feet.

How Big Is a  Size 3  Acetylene Tank?

The second-smallest acetylene tank size.  19.5 inches tall, with a diameter of 6.1 inches and an average weight of 22 pounds.

How Big Is an Acetylene B Tank?

The tank sizes for Airgas and Praxair are not precisely the same

The average weight of Praxair Size 4 is 78 pounds, Airgas is 71.9 pounds.

While the dimensions of each tank size conform to specific ranges, you may find variations between and US and Canadian tanks.


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