Hot/Ground Reverse Troubleshooting

A good place to start would be to see if the hot and ground wires are reversed.

In case of a hot/ground reverse, the tester will show a red light on the left side and yellow light on the right side.

Regardless of the cause of hot/ground reverse, you should not panic, as there are ways to fix the outlets.

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For installing a GFCI outlet, make sure you have secure insulation as the GFCI, requires more attention than a regular outlet.

If your outlets are deteriorated or worn out, you need to remove the old outlet and connect the new one.

What Type of a Multimeter or Tester is the Best for Checking the Outlets?

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Some options to consider are: ◘ AstroAIDigital TRMS 6000 INNOVA 3320 Fluke 117