What Size Breaker Do I Need For My Air Compressor?

The breaker requirements for your air compressor depends upon the amperage rating of the motor in your air compressor.

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It is somewhat normal for a compressor to be on the hot side, since the act of compressing air generates a lot of heat. It’s good to know what to look for that will indicate the kind of heat that is too hot and verging on overheating.

Causes Air Compressors To Get Hot?

Air Temperature And Humidity

A Leaking Safety Valve

Voltage And Circuit Protection

Dirty Cooling Surfaces

How to Prevent an Air Compressor From Getting Hot

Ensure Proper Voltage And Circuit Protection

Avoid Blocking Ventilation Openings

Sizing A Circuit Breaker For An Air Compressor

Circuit breakers are sized by their amperage ratings, while the motors in air compressors are sized by horsepower.