Types of Cutting Torches and How to Use Them

Metal cutting is a process with a range of associated applications, mainly welding operations, either in the fabrication shop or on a worksite.

Plasma is an ionized conductor gas produced by adding electric energy to an electrically neutral gas, usually compressed air.

Plasma Cutter

Oxy-fuel cutting systems use oxygen to cut metals. Upon contact with the metal surface, the oxygen flame’s heat causes the metal beneath to be oxidized into iron oxide (slag).

Oxy-fuel Torches

Laser cutters can separate metal by using a tightly focused beam of intense energy that heats the specific spot or line, then melts and vaporizes away the metal particles that it comes in contact with.

Laser Cutting

Compared to other methods, cutting flame torches are the most efficient for cutting metal. However, choosing the suitable cutting flame depends on the desired application, the metal material to be cut, and thickness, among other factors.