Things to Do With Spaces Above Kitchen Cabinets

Dead spaces between the ceilings and above the kitchen cabinets are common in many interiors. Most people are satisfied with leaving them empty, but you can always improvise and customize your kitchen space to look more interesting and appealing.

Colored kitchens always go well with some greenery, and above the kitchen cabinets is a fine spot for plants. Real plants are the best, but if you are going for artificial, make them the most authentic possible.

Black paint turns your dead space into a blank canvas that is open to so many possibilities. This space might be the key to keeping up with your calendar, as it serves as a wall for reminders.

Wine storage above the kitchen cabinets are a brilliant idea. If you don’t have a separate room for this, the empty space above kitchen cabinets is the best spot to install them.

It is always normal to run out of storage spaces. The dead spaces above the kitchen cabinets will always come in handy when there is not enough space for essentials within the kitchen.