Soldering  vs  Welding

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One thing a lot of hobbyist DIYers with some experience under their belts love to try is working with sheet metal, and that means learning soldering and welding.

The terms soldering and welding are often used interchangeably like they mean the same thing, but they’re quite different. The difference is all about the techniques used to work with sheet metal.

.. First, you have to heat the soldering iron to the desired temperature. .. Take the solder and melt it on the soldering iron’s tip. .. Hold the soldering iron like a pencil and trace along the joint or area that you want to attach metals to.

How to Solder

The Welding Process

.. First, grind the edges of your metal pieces down to make getting a clean weld more likely. .. Make sure the electrode is sticking out of your nozzle by about a quarter inch.. .. Hold the welding gun with both hands and guide the gun along the welding lines.

Both the welding and soldering process can be a lot of fun for DIYers. It’s going to take some practice, though, to get the hang of things.