How to Use a Socket Wrench

Tips on Changing Sockets

A socket wrench makes it easier to tighten bolts and nuts and saves you loads of time, but how do you use one?

With the selection of sockets they come with and the ratcheting feature, you may feel overwhelmed when trying to use one for the first time.

You can probably find multiple socket wrenches in the toolbox of any mechanic, handyman, construction worker, or other tradespeople.

Using a  Socket Wrench 101

One of the most confusing parts of using a socket wrench is putting it together. The first thing to do is to identify the different parts of it.

How Do You Put a  Socket Wrench Together?

A socket wrench has a ratcheting mechanism inside it, which allows you to turn the handle back without unscrewing the bolt.

How Does a  Socket Wrench Work?

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