How To Seal A Garage Door

When sealing a door, consider the top, bottom, and sides of the door If you notice any type of weather or light coming through an area of your garage door, you have an opening that lets air in.

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Why You Should Seal a Garage Door

One of the biggest reasons why you should seal a garage door is because it will regulate the temperature and won’t cause unwanted drafts or warmth that can easily seep into your home.

Once you have found the openings in your garage door you are ready to find the right materials and get to work.

How to Seal a Garage Door

Sealing the Bottom of Your Garage Door

If your problem lies in the bottom of your garage door, there are two types of seals to pay attention to- a bottom seal and a threshold seal. 

To seal the top and sides of your garage door, you will be utilizing weather strips.

Sealing the Sides and Top of Your Garage Door