How to Increase CFM on



Air compression is a complex subject that includes many measurements, such as PSI, HP, and CFM.

How to increase CFM on air compressor?

Decreasing the regulator pressure to increase CFM

Connecting two air compressors for CFM that exceeds capacity.


What Is CFM?

CFM stands for the Cubic Feet per Minute and represents the speed at which the volume of air flows out of that tank or air compressor.

Understanding the Duty Cycle  and Rating

A compressor with a larger CFM rating will be optimal for larger projects and jobs; however, understanding your duty cycle will lend itself to a successful process.

You can increase the tank’s pressure, but this is less efficient than beginning with a tank that can already offer the power limits you need. By purchasing the right CFM level for the job, this will prevent you from needing to increase the CFM in the first place.