How To Fix  A Loose Floor Tile

There are methods or products out there that claim they can repair tiles without removal, but these will never provide you with the sturdy tiling that is needed for your home.

Once the tile has been broken, it is never really as sturdy as it was initially and is easy to break again. The best option is to just replace the tile entirely.

What to Do About Broken Tiles?

Removing Loose Tiles

If you do cause damage to the tile or you have removed a broken tile using the previous steps, you will need to purchase a new tile to go in its place.

Replacing Broken or Loose Tiles

Broken pieces are often best discarded, but loose tiles that remain intact can be reused with some prep work.

How to Avoid Loose Tiles

House movement

White Scribbled Underline

Temperature change

Use quality adhesive

Avoid spot bonding

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