Can You Cut Metal with a Miter Saw?

A miter saw isn’t ideal for cutting metal. You may be tempted to use it one time or on a limited basis, but that’s a fast road toward a ruined tool.

Will cutting metal damage a miter saw?

Without the right precaution, yes, it can. With no upgrades, a miter saw will probably be able to make it through small pieces of metal without too much trouble.

What Is the Best Saw for Cutting Metal?

Get a metal cutting saw such as a chop saw. Your chop saw will spin at a lower RPM that’s ideal for cutting metals.

Can You Put a Metal Cutting Blade on a Wood Chop Saw?

There are metal cutting blades for wood chop saws just like there are metal cutting blades for miter saws. Again, the issue with using your chop saw will be what type of metal you’re cutting, how often, and how thick the pieces are.

People invest a good deal of money in their tools, and the last thing you want to do is damage your miter saw because you thought it would cut metal with no problem.